6 Scientific Reasons Why People Loves Beach

6 Scientific Reasons Why People Loves Beach

A much better understanding why i so love being on beach. Same time it’s summer, a educative information like this would be good brain food for thirsty summer mood!!!


True Love In A Distance


I stare at steady midnight sky
Calmly thinking of a way to fly
Thoughts sober on another place
Another girl must be having a same sky daze.

A girl who’s love is the same as mine
A girl who gets nostalgic from a vivid time
She barely holds the pessimism
Thight thought on a colorful future with him.
She plays the play where juliet portrayed
More than the death of flesh a heart left be sustained

By then I love her more, more than yesterday
A girl’s heart that consistent is sure a God’s way
To let me see the sea with wilderness
Experience the Rest oF the Forest
trail the trecherous trench of a mountain
But still be thankful to be with a person who has wonders in all ways.

If distance they tell constantly kills us?
I call it blessing in disguise
Realizing a person’s worth by distance,
Is far better for sure
Than loosing her and then realize,
I’ve missed and there’s no cure

God took his chance on us accordingly
I am who I am whithout her
She was she without me
We complete when six hands be meld
A promising love triangle we witheld 
Off to fulfill a promise made
Guided when third party was God himself.

Explaining Battle Rap





       Battle rap scene is by far the most sought of event on the underground hip hop scene nowadays. Yes you might see hiphop in a single basic form as a music but for most hiphop enthusiast, that is just the tip of the iceberg.
It is played by two opossing performers, most of the time singles match, sometimes doubles. There are mainly two types of battle; freestyle, an impromptu performance or the most common nowadays the written battle. It’s a showcase between lyricism thrown with each other with the presence of the audience. A major thing that causes to catch people’s attention is that they diss each other in an artistic way. Some did it in a funny way, some in a deep meaningful thoughts, some uses references, some did it in a hard hitting punchlines. Most mediocre would interpret this as a bad thing but for those people who know about battle rap, it’s a one way of art. Yes it might seem absurd and radical but come to think of it, why do we see movies where which actors are programmed to portray and talk about a life that he/she isn’t. Then you’ll feel real about it’s character on the movie but not in the “actor’s real life”? If you’ll look closely enough, these people are genius. They do it the same way. They are poets. They make art in a battle form and showcase their talents in making writings together with the delivery and presentation even though there are aspects of the battle that their reputation are at stake. Yes it’s also true that sometimes they uses “real talk” (a term that they use to describe real events). It is a recipe of their work that highlights a point and stretches clearer details of the verse they use and technically they do it with art.

        The game perse is simple. Emcees are given 3rounds each to perform alternately. They will perform their prepared verses or to freestyle. There are five judges. Each and every judge has to vote for who he think wins. The majority votes of these five judges are the one who’s going to proclaim winner. The judging criteria depends on each perspective of judges but basically these are delivery, flow, rhyme scheme, bars, punchlines, methapors, wordplay, nameflips, rebuttal. Sometimes they judge more than these criteria but these are most commonly used. Delivery is the way he spoke, tone of the voice and crowd presence. Flow is the speed rate of each words spoken. The faster and clearer the flow the more plus factor the judges gave. Rhyme scheme is the framework the emcee used in constructing his verses. For ex. “You have too much facial hair, looks like you can build 5 forest in there”. The two lines used had ended up with the same syllabic sound. The more complex the rhyme scheme, the more props they give. Bars and punchlines are used to highlight a line. This may be incorporated from deep thoughts to jokes. Methapor is phrase or a sentence with a dual meaning or more. Ex. (Quoted from dizaster) “you are like a welder hinding behind the mask for every bars you steel/steal”. Wordplay and nameplay are the same aside from nameplay it uses a name as the topic. In this they give the word and the name another meaning. Sometimes they jumble the letters to make another word and meaning and sometimes they put meaning to each letters of the subject. Rebuttal is the way to counterfeit what the oponent’s lines against you in a freestyle way. Most of the time it gets a huge crowd reaction because in here you will feel the rivalry of words between the two.

    To sum it up, battle rapping is not as bad as it shows in fact this is a modern staged art. These are actors. Hooking themselves to be a living art. Starving artist who do not call for everyone’s attention yet they continue to progress their craft. Most of battlers don’t get an income that can provide a man’s need but they still gave effort and time for it.

shoutouts to fliptop and other battle league around the world. more power!

Déjà Vu.. How does it work.


Have you ever had the moment when you know that a certain place, situation or things in present had already happened in the past? Creepy right?

I was in my college days back when I first questioned how do these things happen. While attending my English class, whom my professor was a Psychology major, we encountered a topic where which I was selected to stand for a recitation to explain my perception regarding  a story we have read. Along the discussion, we have narrowed down to one aspect of the story, “Mind Control”. Out of curiosity I stood up and raised my hand to asked my teacher, “If  Mind control is true, then we can practice and enhance it?”…. My Professor, stared at me, then made a grin.. By the time I know I had struck not only her attention but the whole class. The room were filled with silence for a few seconds until my professor started to reply, “Yes, that’s the power of mind”.

After a couple of years from that situation, I worked in a company where the spirits should always be high and there is no room for pessimism- network marketing. There I learned a lot. Most of my permanent principles in life were taught not in school but in my work back then. Most importantly my questions about the “Power of Mind” and “Deja Vu” were finally answered.

In a series of training I learned about the most valuable lessons I ever had. “LAW OF ATTRACTION”. This is a system, a simple basic understanding on how things works in the universe. To discuss it here in this blog I would need at least couple of days in your life but don’t worry I wont. I rather suggest you read or watch “THE SECRET” by Rhonda Byrne.

“Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe the mind can Achieve”


Now, to answer the questions about Deja Vu, we need to see the basics of Law of Attraction. The Principle is that whatever you are thinking, you are attracting it and the universe will respond. Whether it is good or bad it will respond. The more you think you’re getting late, the more you become late. The more you think you loose profit, the more it will happen. The more you think you will become rich, the more it will happen.

In answering Deja Vu, we need to understand that it happened first in our DREAMS and it happened second as a Deja Vu. In dreaming, we are “Subconcious“. A state where we still think and draw a perfect image of surrounding, things and situations using the “Power of Mind“. In this state, we “Visualize”. Avery good tool in “Law of Attraction”. And also in this we don’t “doubt”, a powerful negative tool that delays the attraction process.




We would just be so amazed as soon as we encounter these moments and soon we’ll realize that we are the one who made that happen.


I have a drill for you to do to help you realize how effective power of the mind is.

Place your palms together and determine which middle finger is much longer, Left hand or Right hand. Then close your eyes, raise your hand with the shorter finger (in case you have equal length of both fingers raise any of your hand). After settling yourself in a quiet form, VISUALIZE your middle finger getting longer.. Visualize it adding length for a period of at least 15 seconds. Then you open your eyes and check the length with the other finger. You’ll be SURPRISED!!! To return it to it’s size before, redo the same steps but now Visualize it getting shorter. You’ll be surprised again….


All things are created twice. First in the mind.


Facts About Filipino Working Abroad #3


Filipinos always find ways to make every day off packed with experience….

When I was working back in the phil, I usually get myself whole day off in the couch watching movies, sleeping, wasting time in dumb games in short laying low. That’s what a typical pinoy way contrary to pinoys abroad. It feels like we get to be tourist in a nation we belong for one day in a week.

Earlier, I had the chance to go jetskiing. Ironically, there are thousands of jetski rides in the philippines but I had never tried one not untill I came in here in a different country. It was definitely a thrilling experience but thats not the catch. The catch was I was able to experience it not in my country. I had also tasted by far the best “lechon kawali” (fried pork recipe) in an arab country. All of a sudden I also had an infatuation on things with filipino flags like key chains and shirts contrary to me having no attention at all on those before to the point that I was even ashamed that my email id was with “.com.ph” but now I became proud of it. I know these were not that shocking news but I really find it funny.

Filipinos are characteristically “extremes” in general.
When they want to have enjoyment, it means they will urge to have a real good time. When they want to take relax, it means they will really take the slow lane and scrape everything off just to get lax and lean back. They are appreciative, and they appreciate day off as a 24 hour round the clock “no work, just fun” day. So when you ask a filipino to go out when they are off work, expect a 90% reply of big yes. Other 10% percent answer, they already had plans.