Facts About Filipino Working Abroad #3


Filipinos always find ways to make every day off packed with experience….

When I was working back in the phil, I usually get myself whole day off in the couch watching movies, sleeping, wasting time in dumb games in short laying low. That’s what a typical pinoy way contrary to pinoys abroad. It feels like we get to be tourist in a nation we belong for one day in a week.

Earlier, I had the chance to go jetskiing. Ironically, there are thousands of jetski rides in the philippines but I had never tried one not untill I came in here in a different country. It was definitely a thrilling experience but thats not the catch. The catch was I was able to experience it not in my country. I had also tasted by far the best “lechon kawali” (fried pork recipe) in an arab country. All of a sudden I also had an infatuation on things with filipino flags like key chains and shirts contrary to me having no attention at all on those before to the point that I was even ashamed that my email id was with “.com.ph” but now I became proud of it. I know these were not that shocking news but I really find it funny.

Filipinos are characteristically “extremes” in general.
When they want to have enjoyment, it means they will urge to have a real good time. When they want to take relax, it means they will really take the slow lane and scrape everything off just to get lax and lean back. They are appreciative, and they appreciate day off as a 24 hour round the clock “no work, just fun” day. So when you ask a filipino to go out when they are off work, expect a 90% reply of big yes. Other 10% percent answer, they already had plans.



Facts About Filipino Working Abroad #2

Most Filipinos nowadays are proud to be in a relationship with other nationalities.


How Ironic to know that many Filipinos in early times were very angry because one of these reasons is Subic, an area in Philippines where they used to have US military base, had been a big rape scene. Numbers of Filipino women were forced to become “Comfort Girls” where they are raped in exchange for money, goods or freedom. Nowadays it’s different. Seeing a Filipino dating and marrying different nationality is normal. It’s not that I hate that way, I just don’t feel the irony of if. Yes not all of them settled because of money, Green card, Visa, Career, but for some people giving your vow to a person whom you see more as a “need” than for a “want” is just not meaningful for me. 


We have all of our life to decide for what we want in our life. We only live once in a lifetime, make every decision count as if it is our last.

Money can’t buy happiness because happiness is a pursuit, a state of mind, an inner being, NOT CASH.




Facts About Filipino Working Abroad #1

People who’m nationality are the same with you are most of the time much harder to get by.

In Philippines we have this old tradition of what we call “Bayanihan”. A innate, automatic system that we use to do to help those who are needy. A thousand of sad facts prove that this system are usually not present nowadays.

It’s a two factor process that affect this change. First one is that when people step into other culture of different nation, they become guarded. They feel lack of security for themselves. They feel like they are a prey waiting to be catch by a predator in the forest. This explains why when they see another countrymen they feel much less comfortable because they are hanging out with another prey so they tend to think upfront that these fellow men would use benefit of their existence so they protect themselves by raising their guards without knowing that by this way of defending themselves they are attacking others subconsciously. This is very visible in Filipinos sharing foods, utensils, bedroom, and many necessities in life.

The other factor is the “Bounce effect”. This one is associated with the Braveness quality of the Filipino. Newton states this as “To each action there is always an equal and opposite reactions”. Since Filipinos are born Brave and Impartial, we tend to react and counter-play this system in order for us to feel even. Then here it gets worse. We tend to chain the never ending feud.

It is really hard to accept that Filipinos are like this, considering the fact that we are deeply appreciated by other nationality as loving, caring and hospitable. It’s like having an ugly face of the truth behind a shinny beautiful mask.