Run For Your Life!



Life is a CHASE. A never ending run.

People tend to be different with each other in every distinct and specific ways. But the common denominator we have as a human being is a PURSUIT.  We persons, all run for one thing called Happiness. A heightened emotion,  a state of mind, we pursue them. Temporary yet we fight for it.

God gave us emotions, which I think included in the biggest questions of my life. Why do God gave that to human beings. I know it may sound so absurd but it should be the one to blame because of inequality in life, greed, suffering and hardships. You know why? Because we fight for it everyday. We struggle to better ourselves. We get a job because we have so many wants in life that makes us feel happy, we eat delicious foods to make savor ourselves, we play to win in order for us to feel winners, we do social networking because it gives us sense of belonging in the community and so many things that we do is rooted from our emotions. When we get angry, we feel some sort of bad feeling inside us and we do everything just to hype up our emotions. Emotion is a BITCH! She’s spoiled. Imagine a world without it. No feelings getting involved thus no one’s gonna hurt. Have you ever had to think of it?

I’ve seen three people that is very close to my life that died in front of my eyes. My Grandfather who had a serious lung disease, died after my father and him reconciled from a long gap they had. My Grandmother who had fought cancer for 5 years died inside my own room. And the most tragic that I had experienced was my youngest brother. At the age of nearly 2 years old, he passed away a month before my grandmother died. He inherited a disease from our family, Leukemia. It was very brutal for me at my age back then when I see these kinds of events but nevertheless, it opened my eyes. I felt devastated but what bothers me most is the fact that people reacts about other people no matter what and in any kinds of situations and to think of it, it was deeply associated with emotions.

Maybe God gave us that not to see how bad it does. But because when we feel bad we appreciate the good feeling. He gave it for us to feel, to appreciate, to be Human. God created the world in twins. He made pros and cons, positives and negatives, good and bad. He made light out of darkness for us to see how important light is. He portrayed Right out of Wrong for us to see the differences and results. He made Life out of Death so that we feel limited time for ourselves. All are with two sided coins.

All of us is going to die, and if you know you are dying, you will know how to live. You’ll see life by the other side of it’s coin and start to scrape off unnecessary things that you do. Then that’s how we should live. My point is, emotions are the one that sets us out from non-living things but don’t let it control the boat. It’s enough that we feel the gush of the water pounding, the calmness of the lake, the thrilling waves, but don’t let it affect which direction we are going to. Don’t base your decisions from temporary feelings.

We might chase life but it’s not what we chase more important, it is the whole story of your chase that matters….


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