A Note For People Who Hates Responsibilities



I consider myself not the type of person who decides to get twitched in unending responsibilities. I love life to the point I wanted to experience everything before I set myself tied up with wife and kids. It was for me the end of everything that’s fun. Then thoughts started to change while I was sitting in the park one night. Unconsciously, I was left staring at a couple with two kids playing roller blades. The family I guess was Indian based on my poor acknowledgement on races. The father seems to be from office as he was wearing a blue, not so classy, long sleeves and black slacks. The mother was wearing a casual shirt jogging pedals and rubber shoes while roaming around the vicinity trying to get some sweat and exercise. They may be the typical type of family who gets enough just to sustain family needs and not within the elite margins of people.

Then I wonder….. Life outside of their family is a big world but inside their father’s head is that the whole world is what he’s seeing right at the moment. I know based on what his stance and movements shows that he is kinda tired from work but what keeps him bringing his family to the park for a leisure and bonding is somewhat more important than diverting his tiredness to the bed.

This is life. In a family is a precious life. The father’s sight on how his son run and smile is life. His sight on how he sees his wife smiling while seeing their kids happy is life. His joy inside his heart that makes him inhale deep and grin is life. 10 years ago these people are not existingly known to each other and they never knew that. They never knew that someday they’re going to get settled happy, intact and emotionally abundant with each other but that’s what life gave. Life is what ahead of us….. What’s behind us was memories and treasures. That father will continuously work his head everyday knowing that at the end of the day he has a family to spare time and be complete with.

Then I realized people are designed to fit in a family. Responsibilities being hard is just a reflection on how precious a family is. Women dreams to get married and walk through the isle with assurance that someone will take care of them the rest of their lives. It’s their legacy while Men’s legacy is to get somebody grow through his own blood, character and parenting. That’s how human race’s legacy work. People love and people dies. The most valuable aspect a person can achieve is the fulfillment that somehow when they leave human body they are assured that somebody was once beneficiary of their existence. When someone leave life they give life…..


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