Wonderful People I Know #1


        I will talk about a mother. A mother who spent half of her life away from her own country. Who finds Greener Pasteur not for her own lusts and wants but for the people who were depending on  her shoulder since I can still remember. She who has to be a provider not only for finances of an
extended family she have but also for the strength and be a prototype of hard work for the whole clan. Even though she became literally and metaphorically far from her children, she manages years of caring and being a mother for them. In spite of the fact that she missed the chance of being an on stage mother, watch her daughter first un-cribbed walk, heal her son’s wound from first fist fight, giving advices from a daughter’s fear from first menstruation, she still possessed this pristine motherly love not only for the offspring she have but for everybody. She had been a shoulder to cry on for almost everybody that she knows. She knew people’s ins and outs based on her precise instincts. She knows when you carry the world and she knows thousands of ways to approach you. When she holds you, she’s not actually holding, she’s hugging and pampering you.


     I will talk about a woman. A woman who possess the clear idea of being brave while being righteous. She who stands for an outreach voice whose role is a wimp’s refuge. Merely a lawyer you can consult, a psychologist you can spend time talking on queries, a counselor you can speak about problems, a fashion analyst you can ask whether you’re wearing the right shirt or a chef you can share ideas about types of ingredients you should use. She is a “One woman knows it all”. When she enters into something, she will learn and progress to it for sure. Only few people do it that way and she’s one. When you are looking for a mediocre person, she’s not the woman to describe. She’s extraordinary. Most of the people that I know who possess less same with her character would be as histrionic as a star. She’s not. She still remains on low ground and act like most of the people do, normal, but deep inside the picture of her everyday scenes, you’ll see and appreciate what precious grace God had given her.


      I will talk about a girl. A girl who enjoys a whole day watching love themed television series, noontime shows , comedy performances and talk shows. A freak shopper who enjoys collecting signature items only on it’s marked down prices. A girl who is consciously screening on her diet while resisting the urge on savory foods. She’s a typical “young heart, old in experience” person who constantly loves everything and everybody spontaneously. She enjoys having a long talk and a good companion. The meaningful one. She fell in love with wrong persons dozen times. She cries and gets hurt most of the time but she never fails to forgive. More so, you will be the person to be puzzled why does she keep on forgiving people who had done overly repeated mistakes unto her. But then you’ll realize things when you know her. She’s too good person to keep anger instilled in her system for a long period of time. She can’t resist the anger stage. She’s too fun for that. There will always be an outlet of the siege inside her. That’s how she does it. That’s her secret not to get old easily. The happy girl always remains inside her big heart and it never leaves.

          I had talked about a mother, a woman and a girl. The three facets that lives in my Auntie Anne’s persona. I was amazed by who she is and a proud nephew indeed. She appreciates being appreciated and a cost of writing something for her is a credit given for her on behalf of the people whom she once touched their lives.


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