True Love In A Distance


I stare at steady midnight sky
Calmly thinking of a way to fly
Thoughts sober on another place
Another girl must be having a same sky daze.

A girl who’s love is the same as mine
A girl who gets nostalgic from a vivid time
She barely holds the pessimism
Thight thought on a colorful future with him.
She plays the play where juliet portrayed
More than the death of flesh a heart left be sustained

By then I love her more, more than yesterday
A girl’s heart that consistent is sure a God’s way
To let me see the sea with wilderness
Experience the Rest oF the Forest
trail the trecherous trench of a mountain
But still be thankful to be with a person who has wonders in all ways.

If distance they tell constantly kills us?
I call it blessing in disguise
Realizing a person’s worth by distance,
Is far better for sure
Than loosing her and then realize,
I’ve missed and there’s no cure

God took his chance on us accordingly
I am who I am whithout her
She was she without me
We complete when six hands be meld
A promising love triangle we witheld 
Off to fulfill a promise made
Guided when third party was God himself.


4 thoughts on “True Love In A Distance

  1. Lovely poem.Thank you for following my weblog.All the best.jalal

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