Facts About Filipino Working Abroad #3


Filipinos always find ways to make every day off packed with experience….

When I was working back in the phil, I usually get myself whole day off in the couch watching movies, sleeping, wasting time in dumb games in short laying low. That’s what a typical pinoy way contrary to pinoys abroad. It feels like we get to be tourist in a nation we belong for one day in a week.

Earlier, I had the chance to go jetskiing. Ironically, there are thousands of jetski rides in the philippines but I had never tried one not untill I came in here in a different country. It was definitely a thrilling experience but thats not the catch. The catch was I was able to experience it not in my country. I had also tasted by far the best “lechon kawali” (fried pork recipe) in an arab country. All of a sudden I also had an infatuation on things with filipino flags like key chains and shirts contrary to me having no attention at all on those before to the point that I was even ashamed that my email id was with “.com.ph” but now I became proud of it. I know these were not that shocking news but I really find it funny.

Filipinos are characteristically “extremes” in general.
When they want to have enjoyment, it means they will urge to have a real good time. When they want to take relax, it means they will really take the slow lane and scrape everything off just to get lax and lean back. They are appreciative, and they appreciate day off as a 24 hour round the clock “no work, just fun” day. So when you ask a filipino to go out when they are off work, expect a 90% reply of big yes. Other 10% percent answer, they already had plans.



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