Facts About Filipino Working Abroad #2

Most Filipinos nowadays are proud to be in a relationship with other nationalities.


How Ironic to know that many Filipinos in early times were very angry because one of these reasons is Subic, an area in Philippines where they used to have US military base, had been a big rape scene. Numbers of Filipino women were forced to become “Comfort Girls” where they are raped in exchange for money, goods or freedom. Nowadays it’s different. Seeing a Filipino dating and marrying different nationality is normal. It’s not that I hate that way, I just don’t feel the irony of if. Yes not all of them settled because of money, Green card, Visa, Career, but for some people giving your vow to a person whom you see more as a “need” than for a “want” is just not meaningful for me. 


We have all of our life to decide for what we want in our life. We only live once in a lifetime, make every decision count as if it is our last.

Money can’t buy happiness because happiness is a pursuit, a state of mind, an inner being, NOT CASH.





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